About us

The company „der-materialspezialist GmbH“ was founded in the year 2010.

Founder and the only associate is Mr.Guido Georg Heun.

Guido Heun was playing table tennis in the südbadische tabletennis association and was creating havoc and desperation for his opponents due to his unorthodox playing style with pimples and antispin rubbers.  He too was affected by various rule changes that were enforced at the time.  All replacements by the established companys did not grant the wanted success, which is why he started researching and developing his own table tennis rubbers.

der-materialspezialist the creation of the brand:

In one issue of a southgerman newspaper, which reported of a table tennis tournament, the heading read:

“Materialspezialist (*= material expert) Guido Heun“ was unbeatable. So when deliberating on the company and brand name, the choice was clear. 

Our name reaches out to all the table tennis players that use our products, because we are certain that every player is a material expert. 

Since 2014 is “der-materialspezialist“ a registered and worldwide protected brand.

der-materialspezialist the story of a success:

The success of our company is unprecedented. Thanks to innovative new products, highest quality standards, customer friendliness and customar care & proximity, along with a unique marketing of our products, the der-materialspezialist GmbH is one of the biggest suppliers for pimple/antispin rubbers.  The company also doesn‘t need to shy away from comparison with market leaders  concerning other table tennis products.

The brand der-materialspezialist has established itself worldwide and is appreciated by thousands of players. Thanks to a well-structured supplier network, the company sells its products to over 100 countries around the globe. 
In the year 2019 the company der-materialspezialist GmbH merged with the brand BARNA ORIGINAL to become one of the world's largest manufacturer of pimple outside and anti-spin rubbers and has since then offered a wide range of high-quality products for table tennis.

der-materialspezialist & BARNA ORIGINAL company policy

Table tennis continuously changes including the implementation and adaptation of rules. We observe these changes closely and analyze them in order to react swiftly and accordingly, which enables us to offer our customers the best possible products.

Hereby we trust on our worldwide suppliers, innovative technology, highest quality, environmentally compliant production and resource efficiency. 

We look forward to the future and are certain to always being able to provide our customers innovative products and to inject impulses in the sport of table tennis. 

der-materialspezialist: YOU PLAY WHAT YOU ARE!

BARNA ORIGINAL: Play like a legend!